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Homeless but not hopeless in Spokane

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Dying Well ….

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Page 111 April 2017


Paradise Montana

Practically a staycation … only a 2.5 hour drive from Spokane

March 2017 … page 20.

SUICIDE: Not a solution to any problem

December 2016

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November 2016 PAGE 97-99

Toxic Masculinity

Perpetuates Violence Against Women

It Takes a Village

October 2016

Transgender health care village131.jpg

Transgender health care can be challenging but health care providers here have joined forces to meet their patients’ needs

On an early Wednesday evening in July, the seats at the Magic Lantern Theater on West Main were filled to near capacity with an exclusive audience of some of the best health care providers in Spokane—physicians, therapists, endocrinologists, midwives, speech therapists, OB-GYN docs, social workers, a urologist and even an electrologist.

The documentary screened that evening was called Finding Kim, which premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival in May 2016. The story chronicles that of Kim B., a Seattle transgender man, and his life-long struggle with gender issues. Assigned a female at birth and raised as  girl, Kim B. endured a childhood of bullying, trauma and isolation, as well as drug addiction in later years. The documentary picks up after he makes the decision that he was meant to be a man and begins the female-to-male transformation process at age 50.


Modern Meets Huntsman Pages 78-92




 Page 41 – Spokane’s Aerospace Museum Opens

July 2016

Page 39 – Farm Chicks … The Happiest Show on Earth

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Page 84 – For the Love of a Dog … Eric O’Grey & Peety

Page 57 – The House That Sharee Built