Spokane CDA Woman Magazine

Tirza Wibel and Winterwoods Tea Company

Jan/Feb. 2016, Page 21


Juliet Sinisterra

A Propensity for Simplicity

July/August 2015community22

UnknownMay/June 2014


January/February 2014

“Fair Trade Equals Women’s Empowerment”

Ganesh Himal Trading Reminds Us to Think Globally and Act Locally fairTrade13

November/December 2013

“Choosing Childcare”1456781_652135518140137_622581741_n

September/October 2013 

“School Can Be a Deadly Proposition For Kids with Food Allergies”

July/August 2013 – “Abuse is Not Love”

November/December 2012 – “Graduating to a Pay Gap”

September/October 2012 – “Testosterone Poisoning”

July/August 2012 – “Farm Chick Serena Thompson” 

imagesMay/June 2012 – “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

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