Older Stories by Judith Spitzer

Artist all wrapped up in shrouds for burials

Oregonian Newspaper, Feb. 2, 2009

Women Out Loud on OregonLive.com by Judith Spitzer

The Powerful Purse April 2007

Women Board Directors Raise Bottom Line October 2007

Growing Your Business Dreams June 2008

Flourish Salon with Paola Gianturco March 2008

Our Favorite Girls April 2008

Lili Tomlin Live June 2008


Women’s eNews – Online

For Cashier, The Deal is A-OK for Trader Joe’s

Women’s eNews July, 2013

Trailblazing State Law on Human-Traffic Bogs Down

Women’s eNews Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011

Women’s eNews Aug. 4, 2010
April 14, 2005
May 26, 2003

Spokane CDA Woman Magazine

May/June 2012 – “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

July/August 2012 – “Farm Chick Serena Thompson” 

September/October 2012 – “Testosterone Poisoning”

November/December 2012 – “Graduating to a Pay Gap”

July/August 2013 – “Abuse is Not Love”

Maya Angelou Turns 80 April 2008

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