Blogging 101

Blogging 101 is starts tonight at SCC at 5:30. If you’re interested there’s still time to sign up. The class is called Inspirational Blogging and here’s a blurb from the CCS Act 2 catalog:

Whether you are blogging for business, to share your interests or opinions or to satisfy the writer within, blogging can be therapeutic and satisfying. Make new friends and learn to share what’s in your heart and mind for business or pleasure. Develop ideas on what to blog about, and find out where to blog, when to blog and how to build a blog.

Here’s a link to the class – Act 2 Program SCC

Looking forward to meeting students and hearing what they’re passionate about. It’s fascinating to explore the different inspirations people want to write about. The secret to blogging is not really a secret … follow your bliss and passion, find out where your tribe is and start writing. The technical part is the easy part.

Blog on.