Welcome to Blogging and Freelance Writing

I’m teaching a couple of classes at ACT2 at Spokane Community Colleges next week so am furiously organizing and reading and planning and just generally, frantically getting ready for the classes.

One of the classes is beginning blogging: ACT2cover
Who, what, when, why and how. It’s not brain surgery. Whether you are blogging for business, to share your hobbies, interests or opinions, or to satisfy the writer within, blogging can be therapeutic and satisfying. Make new friends and learn to share what’s in your heart and mind for business or pleasure. Get ideas from Judith on choosing what to blog about and find out where to blog, when to blog and how to build a blog. Link here:

The other class is about freelance writing:
Follow your bliss and get yourself published. There are lots of smaller community newspapers, local magazines and online publications open to receiving pitches from freelance writers. There is a method to the madness of writing for publication. Learn to pitch to editors and follow up with a piece that is publishable.

Like here:

I’m fairly far ahead in the process but still have to do all the niggly little things like a syllabus, assignments etc. etc. Not to mention brushing up on how to teach in about 4 days.

Wish me luck! And by all means, sign up for the class if you’re so inclined. Happy blogging…