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I was scanning the web this afternoon looking for education resources ie multimedia classes either online or other and ran across this resource on crime and the justice system. 
It includes just about all the basics on covering the crime and justice beat. Love running across information like this to put aside in case it may be needed someday.

While I was on the website I also looked up their resources on education and was sorely disappointed. They have one class listed that ran in 2010. Obviously they’re not putting too much time and effort into updating things on the site except jobs. Which is not to say that portion of the site is anything but excellent. Although I haven’t found a job there yet. Still I wish they would update their classes and media training sections. It’s better to have it blank than to have courses listed over a year ago.

The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism is an excellent site where they have business news, job listings (from  upcoming training for business journalists and Beat Basics among others It’s a great site! I’m taking another FREE online class on Dec. 6 on “Quick-Hit Business Investigations–Concept to Execution.

They not only list their own classes but also those of several other journalism organization’s trainings such as those from SABEW and others.  And business journalism is so broad … it lends itself to stories that run the gamut from the obvious: economics & financials to the not-so-obvious … holiday hiring and shopping stories which are right up my shopping alley! BTW here’s a link to their Retail Beat Basics.

That’s it for my quick update of my Sunday afternoon.

Write on….

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