Reynolds Center Business Journalism Free Webinar Terrific

I just attended an online freelance webinar on business journalism sponsored by the Reynolds Center that was incredible and it was FREE! The webinar was billed as Sales Strategies for Freelance Business Journalists but it applied to just about any kind of freelance writing.

Maya Payne Smart, freelance business journalist and founder was the instructor of the 4-day event. “Salesmanship is the key weakness that keeps many capable journalists from thriving outside of the newsroom,” according to Smart, who was a very organized and highly knowledgable instructor.

The online class covered where business journalists are working, how to brand/market yourself as a freelancer, going from having a lead to selling a story and then getting repeat business and a panel of editors on who are hiring freelance business journalists.

While I’ve written on so many different topics and mediums, business journalism is one category I’ve really enjoyed writing about – particularly about the small business owner and retail business. And it’s one of the better-paying beats right now.

They covered online resources for freelance journalists, including examples of what the “new and improved business cards” look as well as other examples. Social media was another area that seemed to be very popular with the other students on the webinar.

I gained a lot of knowledge about marketing myself in terms of social media AND lots of ways to come up with leads. In the past I’ve mainly gone with already established clients but I plan to branch out now and send out introductions and be more proactive.

I learned about the webinars from a JAWs (Journalism & Women Symposium) contact, speaking of networking … there are a number of the free webinars coming up in 2012 and one more free webinar on Dec. 6, 2011 called “Quick-Hit Business Investigations — Concept to Execution.” It’s also an online course. It’s being taught by Matt Apuzzo investigative reporter in The Associated Press’ Washington Bureau.  Register here. A note from Reynolds The hourlong Webinar will be offered live at either noon or 4 p.m. EST on Dec. 6. To sign up for this free training, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: This free training session is for professional and student journalists only. Please contact Linda Austin at if you have any questions or need clarification.

Good stuff Reynolds Center!

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  1. Judith: I’m so glad that you’ve found the Reynolds Center’s training to be valuable. I hope others will check out the recordings and materials from the Webinar you attended at

    To check out our other free training, please see our calendar:

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    Hope to see you at another free-training event soon!

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