Mea Culpa

Don’t you hate it when you read a blog and the blogger goes on and on about how long it’s been since he/she blogged and how guilty he/she feels. Yeah … so I won’t do that. I’m just going to blog on like it was just yesterday that I last blogged and ignore the fact that it’s been months. Heavy sigh.



I’ve moved now. I’m living and working (writing…always writing) in Spokane, Wash.

Yes, that’s right. I left my perfectly good house in Portland and moved everything I own to Spokane. My children are here. Need I say more? Ah … you’re maybe thinking yes, you do need to say more. Portland to Spokane? Giving up the diversity, the weather, organic food stores on every other corner, the naked people riding bicycles, Irvington, the beach, and oh so much more.

To go to Spokane where there is the WEATHER, the macho men, the uptight community, only one organic store, only one Nordstrom’s, only one Tuesday Morning, no naked people at all let alone riding bicycles and no beach in sight.

There is however, a 14-year-old grandson, a 4-month-old grandson and two grown children whom I love so dearly.

So … here’s the photo that says it all. Or some of it anyway.

But there’s also thisJustin Sprecher

and this and

this. Oh and




Korbin at 4 months. Cutest baby in the world.