Murder/suicides not tracked by FBI or ???

Women’s eNews published the story I wrote today on domestic violence murders and suicides and the fact that those numbers are not tracked. It seems unbelievable that there is no organization in the country that tracks total dv numbers of homicides, suicides and children and/or coworkers who may be killed in dv situations.

“FBI statistics show violent crime retreating, but it’s impossible to say exactly what’s going on with domestic violence deaths because total numbers are not tracked. Calls to state anti-violence coalitions, however, suggest this crime is bucking the trend and getting worse.”

I interviewed people in Wisconsin, Utah, Kansas and Pennsylvania and they were even surprised that the numbers were so significant and had happened in just one year. Pennsylvania had 198 deaths related to domestic violence in 2009 according to Judy Yupcavage, the organizations public policy and information manager.

I interviewed directors or communication personnel at the state coalitions against domestic violence to get the numbers in the case of Pennsylvania. I think I’ll create a table with the numbers that show numbers of murder/suicides vs. homicide numbers that the FBI or the Department of Justice provides. There is also the Violence Policy Center that tracks murder/suicides but they don’t track (specifically) domestic violence numbers.

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