Get Known Before the Book Deal

I just started reading Christina Katz’ book “Get Known Before the Book Deal.”

There is no shortage of information out there on social media and how to get oneself marketed and known, how to do social media marketing. What is lacking is time. I am so busy (I’m sure I’m echoing others) doing school work, selling our house, looking for a job, family stuff and everything else that takes up time that I don’t have time to think about, that I don’t have any time left. Whew that was one run-on sentence. There’s always a new book out that I “have to read” bombarding my email or tweeting me that it’s the place to go, the blog to read, the talk radio to listen to.

I go crazy online looking at sites like SitePro News telling me about the “TOP 10 TWITTER TIPS” and the “10 Ways to Convey Passion in My Articles” and how to host my own show on Blog Talk Radio that it seems like I could be on there forever checking out all the ways to do things better, faster, funnier and sexier. Well, sexier no. That’s my signficant other telling me that. I was confused for a minute.

Then there are people sending me messages on my Facebook and Twitter urging me to become a fan, be a friend, watch their video … it’s very intrusive. And I’m not sure how, or why, I decided to have all that “lost art of conversation” sent to my email as well.

Add a pinch of people asking me to tell them how to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and it’s clear there’s no time left on the books, no time like the present, no time no time … I got no time.

I’m just saying…. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I don’t got no time. I want my hour back. I want to go on a cruise and only go aboard with a few changes of clothing and nothing to read, no computer to sit in front of, no laptop sitting on my lap or anyone else’s and no freaking phone to hear, read, beep or vibrate. LEAVE ME ALONE. I’m busy. Doing nothing. I got no time.


One thought on “Get Known Before the Book Deal

  1. I should have included a chapter on e-burnout. Happens to the best of us, Judith. I’d say, when you know what you are about and you are on task when online, it’s less likely that you’ll be tossed about on the winds of whatever is the topic du jour. Stay focused. Be on purpose. And, for goodness sakes, unplug some of the time. Okay? We’ll all still be here when you return, refreshed and rested, I hope.

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