Journalism isn’t dead?

Oh where to start. Just got back from a journalism conference in Utah JAWs. I wasn’t liking the high altitude so much and the feeling was mutual. Altitude sickness. Crying out loud. I lived in Colorado for 12 years and never had altitude sickness. I’m a wuss from living at sea level for so long I guess.

I missed most of the conference but what I heard was very inspirational. Like Pro Publica. Lots of women doing independent publications including Marcy Darcy who is editing All Over Albany.

It always feels great to be around a bunch of women journalists of every political bent, to come together over the issues, over our struggle to do our journalism jobs whatever they may be and to feel and give support and encouragement. Here’s a bit about what a few others are doing, did do, will do:

• JAWS member Margie Freivogel told us about the launch of a new online publication in St. Louis, the Saint Louis Beacon, one of the ventures exploring the future of journalism today

• Roberta Baskin, correspondent for WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., and JAWS board member, won a duPont-Columbia Journalism Award for an investigation of dental clinics that profited by providing Medicare services to children, harming those children in the process. She and her team will receive the award later this month.

Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times multimedia D.C. bureau extraodinaire was recently profiled in the New York Observer for her excellent coverage of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

JAWS Founder Tad Bartimus wins lifetime achievement award The Washington Press Club honors Bartimus, former Vietnam war correspondent and the first female bureau chief at The Associated Press, at its Feb. 13 Congressional Dinner.

• Peggy Collins, JAWS vice president and multimedia workshop coordintor, formerly of MSN Money, won a 2009 Gerald Loeb Award in the online category. The team put together “Middle Class Crunch,” a multimedia package on economics in the 2008 election year.

And you thought journalism was dead!