Hubpages bragging rights

I was looking at my junk mail today … you know looking for the missing emails that get sent there in error and I ran across a site I used to belong to. It was blinking at me telling me I had 96 messages so I logged on, hoping there might be at least one that was relevant.
Well, at least I had a really good laugh over the email you’re about to read. It kind of sums up my idea that people should be given a license after they pass a test to be able to drive on the Internet.

I am sending this to absolutely every one I know – well because it is bragging rights – and who better to brag to than everyone I know?

I have been nominated as a Hubnugget Wannabe.  I realize that if you are not on HubPages you might not realize the significance of that statement.  In fact, I am very new on this social networking site, and I’m not entirely sure I understand the significance myself.

I do know that 10 choices were made from 2,800 articles.  I’m hoping that means this particular article was worth the read.  So that gives me bragging rights, at least in my own head. That also means that I am sending this to just about everyone on my mailing list.

I hope that doesn’t seem too pushy or self serving?  Of course it does, what am I thinking?  🙂

So here’s the deal.  I will link you to a “hub” which will tell you all about HubPages, and about Hubnugget Wannabe’s.   My article is number three on the voting list.  You do not have to be a member of the site to vote for this one.

I’m not sure if I should complain but the Title is wrong and my name is not spelled correctly. How bitchy will I be if I ask them to change it?  I have shown what it looks like and what it should look like in case they do change it by the time you read this email.

For those who are extremely busy and only going here to vote for me because I am asking you to, all you need to do is
  1. Hit this link
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and find the section that says Please Vote Here
  3. Click on Number 3 – that’s my article.
Of course, it’s better for me once you click through to my hub, read and comment.  But for now, all I am asking is that you vote!