Journo PDX … and the Oregonian … who knew?

JournoPDX was held apparently in the basement of the Oregonian last week. Unfortunately I missed it completely?? Who knew? Anyway tracking it now and watching some of the videos from the event. There’s an amazing amount of drivel about it on Twitter -blips on where you can watch the videos, who was amazing etc. etc. Check out Twitter’s #journoPDX tweets. One of the videos on Wikipedia and journalism was totally non informational from my perspective. The first words out of this guys mouth were … something about a lot of people in journalism have problems with Wikipedia’s use and then took him the next 15 minutes to say it should probably be used for background and not sourced in a story. Crying out loud.
Anyway on to a more positive note-
There seemed to be much bigger number of actually helpful pieces and speakers including one on podcasting and audio journalism by Rob Manning. A couple others were good too – one on SEO and one on Hyper local news and what works. I’m still culling through them.
I guess I’ve been on the research end of trying to figure out what’s going to happen next in journalism. I’ve also been attempting to try some different things myself along the lines of podcasting/setting up Blog Talk Radio and generally just listening to what’s going on out there.
Please feel free to email me re who where when AND when we can go in person and learn more about whatever’s coming next from this. I’ll be blogging and tweeting about what I’m hearing about this and what’s happening in PDX. Although I didn’t know about this so I’m not sure I’m tuned into the right source!:)
My Twitter name is jaspitzer31! Tweet me. And keep writing.

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    1. Thanks so much for sending the link. I’m loving listening to the podcasting, videos and the photo videos. Good job!

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