Too hot, too humid, too … to write

This weather … 102º then 104º … tomorrow 105º … I can’t stand it. Portland, Oregonians are not built for this kind of weather. We can withstand rain and muck; land sliding down newly-made hills from the previous landslide; rain/sprinkles/raining cats and dogs/coming down in torrents/pouring/mist/fog/haze/vapor/a downpour.

BUT heat – blistering, scorching, boiling, searing, sweltering hot steaming weather for days on end … days and days and days … well it’s just not right in Portland.

Which brings me to why I’ve not blogged for nearly three weeks. Although truth be told, it’s only been that hot for the past four or five days, I’m using it to cover myself for teenage grandson’s week-long visit; teenage grandson week-long camp at Zoo and ensuing driving back and forth to Zoo on Hwy. 26; four-day recuperation from teenage grandson’s two-week visit; trip to Montana for 50th wedding anniversary of Uncle Neil & Aunt Carol  in which I played the part of flower girl and the inability to think clearly, sleep and/or write anything due to intense heat.

BTW? This is the color of the flower girl’s dresses. Doesn’t show up that well does i? It’s kind of a periwinkle blue.

So, I’m signng off for now … until I can think straight again, sleep and/or write something. TTFN