Blogging for working artists, business, social media

I was on a panel yesterday for Working Artists Network (WAN) on blogging, vlogging, commenting and article marketing at Urban Grind in NE Portland.

Urban Grind NE Oregon
Urban Grind NE Oregon

Who knew there was a coffee shop there? I live in Irvington which is just across the overpass on I 84. A new place to go for coffee!!

The discussion yesterday centered around blogging and social media and included Ryan Lewis of Bonfire Social Media, Richard Schemmerer a blogger @PDX art blog and Aaron Hockley a photographer who blogs. Oh and moi.


There was great information about how people use blogs for marketing their businesses, their artwork and to voice their opinions about everything from soup to nuts. Ryan Lewis talked about relevance (writing about it … being relevant) which was ah … relevant. No, really relevant in that there is so much information out there if you’re not relevant you’re in trouble – nobody is going to take the time to read you.

Schemmerer is always fun and funny and it’s pretty apparent that how much he likes to be controversial and uses that to market his blog. But it is truly him – it’s not some invented persona that he uses to get people stirred up for no reason.

Photo by Schemmerer
Photo by Schemmerer

I’ve chosen to write with humor much of the time in the blogs I’ve done since I think people respond to that. And people always comment on the irreverent way I choose to use my voice. Of course I’m not talking about terribly important topics on a shopping blog or a culture-type blog. The subject that always comes up for me these days is how much blogging has changed journalism.

Blogging even for journalists is much different than writing a news story and the casual nature of it makes it easier to read and sometimes more interesting than a news story because you get to read the background information.

Whatever you’re blogging about … I think all of us spoke to the fact that if you want people to read what you’re writing you have to be passionate about what you’re blogging about; you need to find and develop an authentic voice; your topics need to relevant and you must be honest and transparent.

Write on!