How do you get your news?

The poll I took last week – informal and not too many respondents (which means it is completely meaningless statistically) returned the kind of results I kind of thought it would – namely that:

  • There are very few daily newspaper readers at 7%
  • Internet news sites won the largest share of readers seeking news at 36%
  • Social media came in second and was matched by talking/texting other people at 21%
  • Internet blogs and other sources was 14%

I’m finally at a place where I’ve stopped grieving the past ie the dying art of newpapering and am ready to welcome in and start doing my own brand of journalism. I know it’s only one sentence but it represents at least the last five years!

I’ll always miss the sound of the newsroom – phones ringing off the hook, people sitting at their desks on the phone oblivious to the chaos around them, the tension when everyone is on deadline and the relief when you’re off deadline.

That said I read an interesting blurb yesterday about how many news sites that have grown in Seattle done by independent journalists.  I can’t find the article at the moment of course but I’m going to do some research on it today. I may not be out of the game yet. Stay tuned!

Write on.