Iran et al

I have been watching CNN a bit, NBC news and MSNBC particularly Rachel Maddow (love her) to catch up on what’s happening in Iran re the election that wasn’t and what’s happening with the backlash from the populace. It sounded like the government didn’t believe there would be as much of a protest as there has turned out to have been. Then today I watched the YouTube video of the dramatic and poignant silent protests of hundreds of thousands of Iranians and I was caught off guard by how stunning the sound of silence has become.

I have to admit I was brought to tears watching as people lined the streets for a fifth day of protest and public support of opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi today. Apparently even in the face of more retribution from the government resulting in the death of at least the 8th person who have been killed as a result of the violence.

Protestors are demanding that the government through out the “results” of the voting that has kept President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in power. Incredible that they would think Iranians would go along with the scam of an election and just sit down and take it is unbelievable. After seeing the video today I had to say something on Twitter. Not that anyone will probably hear me, for sure nobody in Tehran. But I had to add my voice to the throngs of people adding their voices in support of the courageous people of Iran.

I was reminded again how wonderful it is that we have the freedom in this country to write, speak and hear ourselves and others talk freely about our disagreement with the government as well as the ability to elect our leaders in a democratic society. Keep the faith Iranians … whatever the faith may be … until you get an answer to your question WHERE IS MY VOTE!

Check out the videos on YouTube

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