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Writers write…

Even as I start writing this blog I feel the hesitation and the frustrating part of writing… STARTING. Once I get going I’m fine. But the hesitation I think is the fear everyone feels when they start putting their thoughts down on well… not paper anymore but posting. I guess I’ve been here enough times that I know from past experience that what I say does have value and that people can usually relate and identify with what I’m saying.

That said I watch TweetDeck writers to see what other writers are twittering about and I can’t help but count the inumerable (count and inumerable in the same sentence yeah!) the frequency with which people use the term “writer’s block.” Crying out loud. I think maybe it’s the same kind of fear I’m talking about … fear of starting … that makes people believe they have writer’s block.

If it’s something that plagues your writing, or attempts at writing, I would suggest you get a book on writing  such as  or a book by Natalie Goldberg such as “Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within.” Or another good one that I’ve not bought but it sounds great is:

The Essential Writer’s Notebook

This is the first time Natalie has been willing to say ‘yes’ to publishing a writing journal and it’s to her specifications: a good spiral, a size that fits in a bag but with plenty of lined space for your own writing, filled with quotes of inspiration from her best selling writing books and punctuated by full page colored reproductions of her lively paintings. And throughout the notebook is a whisper: Keep Your Hand Moving.

That was a blurb from her web site where she also lists a number of writer’s weekends and retreats that she does now. That’s news to me I haven’t looked her up in a long while. But good to know. That’s my next plan is to somehow teach writing in a place where I actually want to travel like Italy for example. More on that later. For today … Write On.